Lab Mascots!


Rosie the American Dingo


"I eat squirrels, not babies...ok, sometimes I eat baby squirrels."

B & Tonks


"Fetch is VERY serious game." [B dog]

"Hi! I'm new to Indy. I love playing hard and running really fast!" [Tonks]

Megan - Amira.JPG
Megan - Buddy.JPG

Amira & Buddy


"My favorite activity is sleeping and earned me the nickname Darth Vader because I breath so loudly when I snooze." [Amira]

"I am happiest when playing with my ball (which is actually a toy for horses) in the sunshine." [Buddy]



"I'm a real go-getter once I have my 20 hours of sleep!"

Beltorze, Ladybird, & Marcelo Pistola


"It ain't easy being green." [Beltorze]


"We're just here for the free food." [Ladybird & Marcelo]



"Will dance for food."

Trudi the Tabby



"I have nice toys, but I prefer playing with crumpled pieces of 2am."